Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last week was a delightful week of sight-seeing and museums in New York.  We went to MOMA and I was completely inspired, so inspired that I took 193 pictures in the museum.  

We ate tons of pizza and some of the best Indian Food I've ever had in my entire life.  Sunday we went to the Bust Holiday Craftacular.  Has me thinking about my craft fair plans for next Christmas for sure!  Stella from Project Runway had a booth there as well as Amy Sedaris and I was completely star struck.  I'm not the kind of person that would approach a famous person, I just stand and stare from a distance.  Come to think of it, staring from a distance is probably very creepy.  I got some really cute earrings from Birdhouse like this except gold.

All in all was a great trip and I love New York more than ever now.  Now its back to work for me.  Just finished 50 cuffs and 15 headbands that will be at Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa for all you Holiday Shoppers.  Don't forget, you can now buy Felix & Jayne online at 

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  1. I went to the craftacular, too. Except instead of staring at Ms. Sedaris from afar (like I should have,) I went up to her and told her that I think about her when I take a shower and now might be scarred for life. Here's why: