Tuesday, January 13, 2009

well hello there

Today I couldn't settle on one project so I had quite a few things going on at once. I good at that. I started making an art piece.

I actually went ahead and cut all the fabric for all my frames that I made yesterday. I'm so excited to see how they all turn out.

For Christmas I got a big box of discontinued fabric swatches from an upholstery store. I know not everyone would appreciate a gift like this, but its right up my alley. So, of course I started making more cuffs today.

Then just to mix it up a bit I wrapped presents for Isaac's birthday tomorrow. I'm so excited to give him his gifts!

Oh and my rings came today, so so many things to keep me busy.

Okay well that's all, gotta finish cleaning. One of Isaac's friends from Peace Corps is coming to stay with us and I don't want him to think we are complete slobs, kind-of slobs is okay though.

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  1. love love love those ring blanks. where on earth did you find them?? I get mine at a local craft store, but I'm moving so I wont be able to go there anymore.