Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cuffs and more cuffs

Yesterday was a triumphant day for me. I finished 167 cuffs! I spent pretty much all day Tuesday and half of Wednesday hunched over my sewing machine so when I finished I let out yelp of satisfaction and then cursed my back for not being able to take the abuse I'd put it through. I went to the mall yesterday afternoon with my mom and happened to spot those massaging chairs that are usually filled with men who have been dragged to the mall by their wives. I normally would not want to sit in one of those chairs in public but my back was so sore that I made my mom do it with me. It was delightful, aside from the intervals where the mechanism in the chair is kind of punching you in the back, which makes everything jiggle and there are adolescent boys near. I am not a mall frequenter but I think I'm hooked on those chairs, I'm already contemplating a weekend visit just for this reason.


  1. you are all sorts of crazy! I'm envious of your multiple making skills!