Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blue Dome Festival

Just finished my third year at the Blue Dome Arts Festival in Tulsa. Although there were threats of rain, the only rain we got was Friday night after the festival had shut down. Saturday morning was definitely a bummer when we realized how many tents, including the one we had borrowed, had been ruined by the storm. A big thanks to my mom who went to Sears and rescued the day with a new tent. The sun came out and the rest of the weekend was beautiful.

I met lots of rad people, including people from Ireland, New Jersey, Alabama, Florida, and Michigan who were in town to see Hanson. I have to say that Hanson fans might be the most loyal fans of all, and they are really really nice. Saturday morning Hanson and their shrieking fans walked a mile through the Blue Dome Fest (without shoes...gross to the max) and after all these years of living in Tulsa I finally saw the boys of Hanson. I still think of them as looking like they did in the Mmm...bop video, but they're all grown up.

The art cars were killler this year! My favorite was Camera Van, but the fish car was pretty rad too.


  1. Cristi -- you ROCKED Blue Dome this year. I'm so proud of you

  2. Aah those cars are too cool! I'm glad there was no rain during the festival! The tray for your rings is cute!

  3. wow that van is crazy! I could not imagine how much work that took.

  4. The art cars are gorgeous....thank you for sharing these pictures...