Saturday, June 13, 2009

Etsy Favs

I have absolutely no idea how to make an Etsy Treasury and from what I can tell it is very time consuming and the chances of getting your treasury posted are slim. SO, I'm making my own Felix & Jayne treasury. I love "hearting" things and I thought I would share some of my recent finds on etsy.

1.Cute Original Collage - a boy and his fox by cabin + cub design
2. Spring Collection Aqua Sakura and Ivory Bead Earrings by Swaydehead
3. Hosta Belt by bonspielcreation
4. Dansk Kobenstyle Water Pitcher by findingfabulous
5. 4 Recycled wine bottle glasses by bodhicitta
6. Robin Coin Purse--Eco Friendly by birdversusbird
7. Owl Snuggly by stelabird


  1. yay!! thanks for including me!! great finds!

  2. Very cute!
    By the way I hear you on the treasuries. I made a few in the past but started giving up on waiting for them to expire hehe. Now, an easy way I put together a grouping is at, under the "spotlights" category. (It's a free website, to list yourself and your shops, and you can make cook spotlight things whenever you want and put them into your blog!)

  3. Lovely collection, some of my very favorites are in there, Stelabird and Cabin + Cub.

  4. ha- Im with you on that. I have to date never managed to get a treasury although I have been featured in many. Your private treasury is lovely.

  5. Great idea - take back the treasury! I love Cabin + Cub too :)

  6. Thanks for including one of my collages with such wonderful things! ;)

    ps. i can never seem to nab a treasury either.. i think i have bad timing!