Thursday, June 18, 2009

House Things

I finally got around to making my pillow covers yesterday. I love how they turned out, I think the pink faux bois is my favorite. What a jazzy couch we have now, so much better than the cream color.

And I got a lampshade for a lamp that I've had for several years.  Let me tell you it is really difficult to figure out what size lampshade to order online without really knowing what it will look like on the lamp. The first one I ordered was way too big, but I think this one is just perfect. 

Yesterday we set the alarm clock an hour early and made it out to the farmer's market.   I love going to the one on Wednesday morning because I can buy delicious produce from my relatives, who run Fisher Farms.  So I know there is a lot of love in my tomatoes.  We scored some tomatoes, zuchini,  squash, lettuce, and spinach.    On top of all the food we got,  I found some gorgeous flowers that I had to have.  Now there is a vase of flowers in every room of the house.  


  1. Looks great - great use of pattern and colors...totally styin!!!

  2. I want flowers everywhere in the house! and I also LOVE those faux bois pillows as well.

  3. Those pillows are gorgeous! I'm moving soon and can't wait to redecorate and make some cute new pillows! And I LOVE that lamp. I have a red one just like it!