Saturday, August 22, 2009

T-Shirt Trade

Boyfriend and I made a move from Tulsa, OK to Bloomington, IN this week and we are still without internet. I kind of think that there should be internet wherever I need it, but would you believe there is not one unlocked wi-fi network in our apartment complex. On top of that no one is dumb enough to use "hoosier" or "password" as there password, we know because we tried. That is about as far as our computer hacking skills reach. So until Wednesday, we will be camped out at either Barnes & Noble or Starbucks for an hour or two everyday.

A few weeks ago Katie from My Own Little Universe decided to do a t-shirt trade. I have to say bartering is maybe the best thing ever, I would be so excited if I could pay my rent in bags or go to the movies and pay with cuffs.

Here is the t-shirt I did for Katie.

And here is the super fabulous shirt I got! Every time I wear it I get MAY-JAH compliments.


  1. you moved to indiana?! oh lordy.... ;) i'm from michigan so i just try to stay away from that area!
    i'm happy you love your shirt tooooo!

  2. both shirts are quite rad.

  3. the shirt you got is so cute! and the shirt you made for her is amazing, too!!