Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Music for a Long Drive

I spent 10 hours in the car today driving from Bloomington to Tulsa and it rained the entire way. Let's just say it was quite a bummer. The only thing that got me through was some good tunes that I sang really loudly to. Do you remember that show a few years ago, I can't remember if it was on VH1 or MTV, but they put hidden cameras in a person's car and caught them singing in their car. I spent some time considering how horrifying for me, but probably hilarious for everyone else, that would be if they had a hidden camera in my car.

You can never ever go wrong with the Pixies or Madonna.


  1. It rained all day in Bloomington, too. Instead of having great tunes to listen to I had a public finance exam and a case analysis due about the Challenger. FUN! Now, 100% Madonna. And, Indiana rains. Miss you, lady!

  2. LOVE Band of Horses! Hopefully today you see some sun :)

  3. all the rain thursday was the worst!!! i couldn't imagine driving all day in it, i'd want to cry!

    ps i got a felix&jayne cuff at dwelling spaces yesterday.. i love it so much! i don't know how i've gone so long without one... i will have to say, though, it is HARD to pick just one to buy. there are so many to choose from!