Monday, December 7, 2009

Fabric Shopping In Chicago

Good thing I ate a good breakfast this morning because we went to the absolute most gigantic fabric store today to do some supply shopping.

When we first walked in I didn't realized how huge the place is and I kept finding more and more rooms of fabric. There were 3 floors with multiple rooms on each floor. Some rooms were completely filled with trims, it was overwhelming to say the least.

I found a big box of buttons that looked perfect for the my cuffs.

I dug through this bin of zippers for a very long time and found 68 of them that I couldn't live without. There were rows and rows of boxes full of zippers behind this bin.

I am totally in love with this place!


  1. Where are the price tags? Man, that looks like a lot of stuff. Glad you got to experience it!

  2. I'm kvelling over that fabric store!! Here in RI there is Lorraine's which is big I guess for the littlest state in the country. They do have a great $1.99 a yard room. Thanks for the visual tour. COngratulations on your Etsy Shop re-opeining.

  3. What a fun time we had !! You had to work for it... BUT...You scored some great stuff !!

  4. Where is this wonderful store???? I would love to go! I live in Chicago and don't recognize this. Oh, I just love love love your stuff I found your booth at the last renegade show and since have purchased a necklace, long clutch (great for my knitting needles) and a barrette that I where almost daily! Thank you!! You are a breath of fresh air. You've given me inspiration.