Monday, December 14, 2009

Renegade Shopping

I wanted to post some of the rad things I bought at Renegade this year.

My booth was right next to Megan Lee Designs, so I had plenty of time to check out all her awesome goodies. I ended up with a couple of thing from her, but since I'm too lazy to take pictures of all my stuff I'm just going to use her photos.

I got this sassy little top....

and this scarf. She also has a t-shirt that says "Midwest is Best" which I thought was so cute.

I am addicted to hoodies so when I found Holly Hue's booth, I knew I would be walking away with one, though it was really hard to pick one out because they were all so cool. The one I got is brown with mustard color stripes.

I usually buy a couple pieces of jewelry at craft show, but this time I only bought a necklace from Sofia Masri. Her porcelain necklaces are so gorgeous.


  1. What a haul! I wish I could have gone!! And yes, the Midwest IS Best. :)

  2. oh love those hoodies.. they look so comfy! :)