Friday, March 18, 2011

Flying Pigeon

Recently I made a "goal wall" in my studio, where I have written my goals on index cards and posted them for easy viewing. Most of them are business oriented - time frames for certain projects and the like.

There is but one, that is a non-business goal, "Flying Pigeon".

My dear sweet mother, for Christmas, surprised me with a 4 month unlimited pass to my favorite yoga studio here in Bloomington, and I've been making great use of it. The class I frequent, incorporates this pose into each class and, while most of us try the pose we don't quite manage to get our legs off the ground. Though, now that I've inked this goal in Sharpie and tacked it up on the goal wall, I think it is just the motivation I need to lift off into flight in the very near future.

Flying Pigeon
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Here is a picture of said pose, preformed by someone who is not me. Soon enough, though, I too will be a flying pigeon!

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  1. ahhhhh... the flying pigeon! I'm sure you will do one for me in Chicago for your birthday! We can take your pictures with a bunch of pigeons!!