Friday, February 13, 2009


Here is new art.

My paper whites are finally blooming. Spring is on its way thank goodness.

Boyfriend and I are going to OKC today. Gotta restock Collected Thread and Blue Seven and we definitely have to eat at our favorite greek restaurant, Zorba's. Can't wait! Stelabird is coming up tonight and I can't wait to see her. We are gonna play "high five" at Soundpony. I feel like it might be the best game yet. Most people happily high five a stranger in a bar without a second thought, a few people give you the "go to hell" look, but if play through you will eventually encounter a person so delighted to be receiving a high five that they might do a windmill with their arm to wind up for said high five or they might give a really loud shout of shear joy. Either way its totally worth it.

Happy Friday


  1. I cannot wait for high fives tonight. I can't wait to see Issac's face when it happens. hehe
    I LOVE the 3rd one, looks like clouds & rain

  2. I thoroughly enjoy the new art!

    We are so sad to have missed you guys, it will be so nice to see you soon.

    (also, very jealous to hear you guys got to stroll along in OKC. i've never been to zorba's but i've driven past it a ton, it used to be a converse outlet way back in the day.)