Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Love Shopping!

Everyone knows that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln loved to bargain shop, so what better way to spend the holiday than with a little presidential shopping.

First to Joann. How have I lived so long without pinking shears? I'll never know. They were half off which makes them even better.

While I was standing in line to get my interfacing cut (also half off), Boyfriend spotted the most divine fabric, and yes, it too was half off. Way to go Boyfriend!

I did manage to get a little work done today though. I started making some bigger headbands. The headband pads are bigger as well as the headband itself. I thought they turned out pretty well.

I took one out for a test drive this afternoon and just like the small headbands the big ones are really comfortable. There is just nothing worse than a headband that squeezes your brain.

We did manage to get a game of Cribbage in today and yay for me I won.

Getting ready to win.

Yay I'm the champion of Cribbage!

I found these divine carafes at Ross, which is such a magical place. I had been meaning to get something like this because I've been wanting to make my own soy milk and now I will have these beauties to store it in.

Here's my work for tomorrow.

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  1. thats a dapper cribbage hand! We ought to play when you guys come up, its been ages but...