Sunday, February 1, 2009

mexico is so mexi right now

Here are some random pictures from Mexico. I ate guacamole every day, which was so so good but I still think boyfriend makes the best guac on the planet. I tried to conjure up some of my high school Spanish but as it turns out I only have room in my head for one extra language and the last language I studied was Italian. I think I just confused everyone I tried to talk to. Oh well, I'm sure they are used to be around ding dong Americans.

I'm all about found object souvenirs and so now I have a very healthy collection of Mexican beach rock, though I did bring back some cookies and a Spanish Maxim for boyfriend. Oh and I did for get to take my nasal sinus spray so I now have a special Mexican bottle of Flonase. I'll treasure it forever.

I had a great week off and I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow morning.

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