Monday, February 9, 2009

Spray Glue is Your Friend

Here's a fun fact about me....I like to have at least 5-9 projects going on at once, which is why my work room looks like this. I am by no means a clean freak but I get to break-down stage when my room gets like this. Oh, and by the way this picture was taken half way through the clean up process. It was worse!

Got everything back in place. Sometimes I just need to put everything back in its place so that I can find what I need. You can make magical things happen when you have a tidy and well organized work space.

Onto my projects for the week.

1. Headbands

All my fav Starbucks baristas are sportin' my headbands and sending more customers to Dwelling Spaces, so I've got to restock. Thanks ladies of Starbucks!

2. Cuffs

3. Journals

Mary Beth has been asking me to make some journals, so I finally got with it. If you like writing and you like Felix & Jayne head on down to Dwelling Spaces, I've got just the thing for you.

4. Price Signs

This is where the spray glue comes in kind of handy.

5. Art Pieces


  1. cool!

    Are the journals an actual journal you have embellished, or are they multi-use book cover type things?

  2. They are a multi-use book cover type thing.. fo sho

  3. I am so on my way to Dwelling Spaces for a headband. LOVE them! Great seeing you the other night! Maybe we'll run into each other more often now that I've decided not to be such a hermit any more... :)

  4. You've inspired me to straighten up my space today. LOVE your work!!