Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Those who cannot buy, make

While it is true that I spend a considerable amount of time sewing purses and accessories, I'm not so good at the sewing of clothes. I'm terrible at following a pattern and half way through I usually give up or make my mom fix whatever I've done. I've had a real itch to make some skirts though because I don't have any cute skirts and I'm too poor to shop. So, I gave clothes-making another shot today. However, there were no patterns to be found, no triangle notches, no tracing wheel, no basting, just "Cristi Instructions," which means you make it up as you go.

Just love my new sassy red corduroy skirt. Can't wait to take her out for a spin!

I did some screen printing tonight, these little pups will one day be pouches.


  1. Hi girl,
    I Love your Sassy Red Skirt... .also so proud that you got into Momentum.... You Rock !!