Sunday, June 7, 2009


You know couples that dress alike? Well, I'm not really into that, but neither boyfriend or I realized that we put on our matching t-shirts for our road trip to Dallas until half way through the day. And, yes that is a man punching a bear on our shirts.

I made a new skirt, which turned out pretty well. We found a killer vegetarian/Indian restaurant and then headed off to the House of Blues for Animal Collective.

Animal Collective

Friday, we brushed up on a little culture at the Dallas Museum of Art. I really enjoyed the museum's collection but grew to hate the staff. Never in all my days of museum visits have I been followed around in a museum the way these people did. They acted as if, un-monitored, I might rip the paintings off the wall and start a bonfire. The museum had and awesome courtyard with waterfalls and sculptures and no people following us around so we jumped for joy!


  1. last time i went to the art museum there, the staff was exactly the same.. it's pretty creepy because you are always being watched. aah.

    cute skirt, btw!

  2. What a cute skirt.... I couldn't see the zipper from here but I'm sure it was superb !! LOL. I love the pics of you and boyfriend jumping for joy.. also the one of you rocking your cowboy boots and new skirt. Glad you had a good time.

  3. I bet that was an awesome show! Looks like you had a fantab time, matching outfits and all :)

  4. We experienced that same issues a few years ago. The staff there is awful. Hard to enjoy the art with someone constantly trailing you.

  5. AH! I love you guys!
    That's awesome about the matching man punching bear shirts!! Riley and I have those days but it's because we always tend to wear AA v-necks-so not as cool of a mistake as you two.
    I'm jealous you got to see Animal Collective and if I were working at a museum and you walked in I would follow you too because you look like someone who would throw art in a fire. :)

  6. You are prone to starting bonfires indoors. Your reputation must have preceded you; it's really a simple explanation.

  7. hahah you guys are so cute! love the skirt!!!

  8. They say couples start to look alike after years of being together. But I've never heard of them dressing alike.

  9. We saw animal collective here in Vancouver last year. It was great.

    Funny the two of you dressing alike, that happened to me and my husband once by accident as well, and of course, no one every believe you, when you say its accidental.