Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Screen Printin'

I finally started on some new clutches this morning. Sometimes its kind of a drag to get started because I'm always really excited to get to the fun decorating part, but first I have to cut everything out and iron interfacing. The ironing takes so so long, today I decided to try and iron and surf the internet at the same time, which was fairly successful.

I iron so much during the process of making Felix & Jayne items that if ever an item of clothing needs to be ironed I immediately throw it into the dryer and give myself a pat on the back.

Then its onto the screen printing. My landlord would freak if he saw this, but its nothing a little Comet can't fix. Actually, I think I might prefer that water come out of the faucet a nice refreshing shade of blue. It seems like it would be very calming.

Here are my little clutch puppies. Some of them may get another layer or two of screen prints tomorrow.


  1. I want to bathe, but I can't. The ink will turn me into papa smurf.

  2. those new clutches are going to be awesome !! Tell Isaac just to hose off outside !!

  3. aw------ you had such a fun day!!!

  4. LOVE them. It is a pain in the ass to use the drawing fluid but it has such great results in the end. I love that floral design you made in the pink.

  5. Gorgeous colors! Blue water that would be amazing, or light green water!