Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair!

Renegade Chicago was a success!!! The weather couldn't have been nicer, tons of people and tons of really cool handmade goods. I've never participated in a craft fair this big before, there were 300 vendors and I was only able to take a quick power walk around the fair but there was just so much cool stuff that it was a little overwhelming! I met some awesome crafters and made a few trades, which are my fav! Monday I took an extremely long nap and today I'm trying to get back in work mode.

Saturday morning set up

My booth all set up.

Looking west at 11:00 am.

Looking east at 11:00 am.

Looking west at 4:00 pm.

Looking east at 4:00 pm.


  1. Wow! Where I come from, it is time to pack up and go at 4:00! That is awesome. I am glad it was a success for you.

  2. I am so overwhelmed when I think about doing a show! How do you get inspired and organized enough to handle it all?

  3. Sycamore, I started sewing for this fair over a month ago. I had a big chart on the wall with the stuff I wanted to get done so it was always staring me in the face. I think the biggest thing really is to get started crafting as soon as you can.

  4. awesome...i want to try to do this next year. yay success!

  5. Cristi, You rocked Renegade... can't wait till Dallas!

  6. i love the set up! those stackable benches/shelves are a great way to add different levels to your table. i may need to borrow that idea and get some of my own!