Thursday, January 8, 2009


Buttons were a big part of my day.

I pick out a few, ha, of my favs to put together for some new vintage buttons rings. Vintage buttons, while yes they are very cool, are also very stinky. Just so you know all vintage buttons used in my rings have been tediously cleaned and de-stinky-fied.

We've had a very special house guest this week....Molly the dog. Mary Beth, the owner of Dwelling Spaces is Molly's mom and she lives right around the corner from me so sometimes I go over and let her out, but since Mary Beth is out of town this week Molly is staying with Aunt Cristi.

I finally made some price signs for Blue 7 today. I've been meaning to make these for months, so I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I actually got them done. Now lets see how long it will take me to mail them.


  1. How exciting!!!
    I wish I was swimming in a sea of destinkified vintage buttons!
    Molly's precious!
    And the signs look awesome