Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Glad To Be Home!

After 3 weeks traveling about, what a delight it was to come home and sleep in my own bed!

I am now officially an LLC and yesterday I went and set up a business banking account and I just feel so professional. I'm kind of dreading the record keeping and all that stuff. Maybe someday I can hire someone to do all that crap for me!

I made a cuff watch for my mom for Christmas. She was kind enough to model it for me too. I kind of want to add these into my collection but I'm not sure how to make it adjustable yet.

I've done some fairly successful thrifting lately and this is by far my best find. They are balls made out of feathers that I am completely in love with. Although I love them the way they are, I'm dying to take them apart and use them in some headbands.

My mom gave me 4 jars of vintage buttons that she found in antique stores so I'm all stocked up to make some button rings. I'm so ready to get back to work.....I just wish my sewing room was insulated!

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