Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bloomington Here We Come

A while back boyfriend found out that he had been accepted to Indiana University and last week he got his student loans finalized so that means we are gonna be moving to Bloomington in 2 weeks and no, not one box has been packed.  

A few weekends ago we drove to Bloomington to check it out and look for an apartment.  We signed a lease last week and have a town house waiting for us.  In the complex there are 2 pools!!   After a long day of unloading a moving truck I know what I'll be doing.  

Bloomington is quite a bit smaller than Tulsa but its seems pretty cool.  This is lame, but I'm really excited about all the restaurants.  There is a street downtown where all the houses for about 2 blocks have been turned into restaurants....Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, yum yum yum!  Also there is a vegetarian/vegan place that's pretty awesome.  Yes, so I love food. 

Here are a few pictures from downtown Bloomington.  

My favorite picture, though, was from when we drove through St. Louis.  


  1. oooh very exciting! Good luck with your move! looks like you are heading to a real cute town!

  2. Good luck with the move!

    Love that picture of the Arch.

  3. Congrats to you guys! That will be fun; a fresh start, a new city to play around in and new adventures to embark on! Yeah! Tulsa will def miss you though!

  4. Bloomington looks so beautiful, good luck there! ;)

  5. Cool! Bloomington seems like a very pleasant town. Good luck on the move. I'm not a big fan of moving (who is really?) but it will be over with faster than you think and you'll have a cool new place to explore.

  6. I also waited until the last minute to pack, and everything worked out great! Yay procrastination! Who-hoo! Also, I love driving through St. Louis for THAT VERY SIGHT.