Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Blog

Friday was a great mail day, I got my Odd Bunny from Koo & Poppet!  I love opening packages and this one was wrapped up so nicely, I had to take a picture.

"Beru" came with a name tag and a few likes and dislikes so we could get to know one another.  I think we're gonna be good friends because I too, dislike cheaters and I think crackers are pretty alright.  

Even boyfriend is quite taken with Beru.

He has already found his favorite chair.  

We are moving in a week and a half and we finally got our act together and started packing.   We made it our goal to take apart our Ikea book shelf and pack all of our books today.  I love books, but today I kind of just wanted to throw them all in the garbage instead of pack, move, and unpack them.  We did find some good small boxes to pack them in so they won't be too heavy, there will just be 45 boxes of books to carry.  Oh what fun!

Our shelf this morning

Almost empty!

Naked shelves

This bookshelf was a complete bitch to put together and I was really dreading taking it apart but it ended up taking less than 10 minutes.  The best part was that boyfriend and I were still speaking at the end of the process.  Seriously, if you want to test the strength of your relationship, try assembling Ikea furniture together.  


  1. Now we've got that cumbersome Ikea bed to tackle. I think we'll make it through that one, too, dear babe!

  2. Good job ... taking the shelf apart and still speaking. Something every couple should have to do.

  3. Ugh! Moving is not fun at all! I hear ya!

    Congrats, you won the NuvoNova Giveaway on my blog! Can you please email me your mailing information to ? I will let Clara know that you have chosen the F necklace. Thanks!

  4. Hes so cute!!! I hate cheaters too but I love the show Cheaters! hahaha so funny!

  5. so awesome.
    good luck with the move!

  6. nice chair, Beru! (You look so good in it!)
    happy moving!

  7. lol I've never bothered taking apart any Ikea shelves, usually because they don't last in the humidity. Putting them together is much easier though! Beru is adorable =)